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We've created this platform with the intention of sharing ideas, concepts and solutions for more conscious living.

“Conscious Living”. What exactly does that mean? Some synonymous words for conscious are attentive, aware, certain, cognizant, informed, mindful and vigilant. I think we can agree these are all admirable traits we would like to see in ourselves as well as others. Our focus lies in exploring and uncovering truth within the realm of health, wellness and anything that supports living a more conscious life. Some of these being cleaner eating, body detoxification and cleansing, meditation techniques, exercise, healthy and safe products and so much more.

Our intention is to share wisdom gained through personal experience.

Likewise we’ve reached out to those who not only practice what they preach but can show living results! Its becoming clearer and clearer just how out of balance the world we’re living in is. It’s easy to feel powerless while focused on the big picture problems. At some point a level of realization can take place, aligning your thoughts with the message from the great masters of our past. “Be the change you want to see.”

Once the mind is quiet, one can begin to move towards their true will, their soul journey or higher purpose.

With your conscious intention set, you can experience personal growth and create lasting change. Just as a beacon of light you will impact and shine on everyone and everything around you. You will be the catalyst. Positive change is infectious. I’m a firm believer that everything in the universe is connected from the biggest to the smallest. From the macrocosm to the microcosm. "As is above so is below".

Just like the alchemist works to turn lead to gold, I to wanted to transform. I started to become healthier, wealthier and wiser because of it. I feel like we all want to make the best choices for ourselves and want the same for our friends and loved ones. The only reason we fall short of this is because we are either uninformed or subjected to disinformation.

It’s quite evident that we are living in both exciting and potentially catastrophic times.

A global emergency is emerging resulting from the last several decades of unconscious and unsustainable living. Continuing down this road will lead to the inevitable destruction of our planet and ourselves. How can we expect to thrive in a world where the almighty dollar rules, and achieving harmony with our environment is barely an after-thought? In order to build a different future, we must first wake up our minds. Once we stop hitting the snooze button, the real education begins. We learn that the powers that be haven’t always been the best resource for quality information about our needs. In most cases, what we were told was good for us, may just have been a clever marketing campaign to generate profits for a select few. By making the buck the focus, there has been some unfortunate and, perhaps, unintended consequences in the form of a dis-eased population.

As we defragment the hard drive, we can see that there’s a choice:

It’s just not the one we’re told to make. With this revelation comes liberation. As consumers, we have all the power to change the world simply by the choices we make. We can shift the focus through raising our consciousness and making healthier decisions for all living beings.


This is why we’ve created IdesGuide.

Ides Guide is a web movement designed to help discover and exchange solutions for more conscious living . We explore the many facets of lifestyle transitioning and how to maintain the balance we can achieve. The key to success is accepting the humble truth that none of us have all the answers. The best way to get them is through combining our strength, sharing our knowledge, and connecting with one another!






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