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June 1, 2017


“Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness.”  -Dr. Wilhelm Reich

In the early 2000s, Don and Carol Croft expanded on work of Dr. Wilhelm Reichs with the creation of energy manipulation devices also known as Orgonite. After detailed observations and research they were able to come to the same conclusions as Reich. Don and Carol mixed fiberglass resin with shavings of different metals together in a hardened matrix. The results were identical to what reich had observed while experimenting with his orgone accumulator. Reichs accumulator machine was powered by also layering inorganic and organic materials but instead with sheep and steel wool. After further investigations, Croft found that when a quartz crystal was added to the mixture, the pressure of the resin caused the frequency of the crystal to become super charged via the science of piezoelectricity. Don and Carol spawned a gifting movement that has carried on for well over the last decade. Orgonite manufacturers have popped up all over the globe and the irrefutable evidence that exists is the countless number of testimonies stating the beneficial effects of these orgone devices.

Orgonite works to filter the DOR(Deadly Orgone Radiation)  into POR(Positive Orgone Radiation). This essentially takes stagnant energy and allows it to flow more freely. Specific molds, colors, crystals, metals and coils are added for various purposes depending on the desired intent and use. There are a vast number of benefits and uses for Orgonite.

Some of these include:

  • Positive effects on mood and consciousness
  • Vivid/Lucid dreaming & past memory recall
  • Increased feeling of personal health and well being
  • Block electromagnetic frequencies and radiation & supports grounding
  • Increased plant growth and crop yield
  • Positively & spiritually restructures water molecules
  • Improves local weather and atmospheric conditions.

Orgonite from IdesGuide.com




adjective meta·phys·i·cal \-ˈfi-zi-kəl\

a :  of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses


IdesGuide.com is dedicated to sourcing products with the highest levels of both quality and purity. We are located on the north shore of Long Island, New York. Our focus and intent is to create and source products that work “behind the veil” of physics. We have gathered, manufactured and are continuing to source the best quality products for both their energetic capabilities and therapeutic benefits.

Our Orgonite and energy manipulation devices are ONLY available make to order. Our mission lies in creating devices that are built specifically for the intended user. We create devices with multiple functions. Some devices can be used for filtering/clearing stagnant and harmful energies and also support grounding from EMF/EMR. Our chakra specific Orgonites are built to target specific energy centers in the human body- therefore facilitating aid and healing with a holistic focus(physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally). We also have a line of Orgonite made specifically to support and grow your house or garden. Check out our store for all available models or choose to build an original customized piece!

Each of our clients is provided with a free personal consultation via e-mail or phone/skype before their device is created. This insures a level of efficacy in maintained in our production. Having made a personal connection with the future owner allows both the proper intention/frequency is set in stone during its conception . Doing this allows the designer to work along side the client to create a truly customized device.

The History

“God is primal cosmic energy, the love in your body, your integrity, and your perception of the nature in you and outside of you.”-Dr. Wilhelm Reich

The word Orgone was first coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the mid 1940s. Dr. Reich was a first protege and direct student of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Reich had expanded on Freuds psychoanalytical sexual drive theory- stating that the inhibition or misdirection of the libido or sexual energy was responsible for more than just adulthood neurosis. Reich believed the sex energy was in fact the source energy that is responsible for all bodily functions in all living beings and physical matter. He concluded this sexual energy was the source and driving force of all life. Through his discoveries, Reich described this primordial energy as universally existent and all-permeating. This energy permeates through all levels existence, through the microcosm to the macrocosm- from the atom to the galaxy.  It has been described throughout human civilization by numerous cultures.. The Vedic traditions call it Prana, Chi or Qi by the Chinese, Ancient Greece described it as Ether also German Mythology has called it Uril or Od.
One of Reichs most significant discoveries can be found in his reconfirmation of what he referred to as Bions. Reich considered these Bions the building blocks of life.  These particles were first observed under a microscope in the 1800s by Dr. Robert Brown who named these things Active Molecules. Brown described the pulsation seen in particles emerging from bursting pollen grains in water. He observed their apparent spontaneous movement, and their tendency to form groups that together moved spontaneously. A year later, Brown mysteriously disregarded his findings and dismissed any connection between these particles as being intelligent/conscious. They were to be seen simply as observed contamination, also known as Brownian motion. Over a hundred years later, Reich observed the same microscopic particles. He believed that these were the source particles in which all life originates and animates from- both non living and organic matter. Reich reproduced these experiments using various types of inorganic material. In every case he was able to observe the emergences of life from non-life. Reichs researched continued on the microscopic level as he was able to observe a blue aura surrounding healthy red blood cells and a grey aura around cancer cells.

Dr. Reich described this primordial energy (Orgone) as existing in only two states. This energy is always existing and is transmuted between phases, but never destroyed. POR Positive Orgone Radiation describes the energy in a state of free flowing expansion. POR describes an energy that is disentropic in nature. Disentropy refers to an expansive energy that is responsible for the intelligent design seen in the throughout the universe and in nature . Common examples of disentropy would be the catapillar that becomes a butterfly or  a nut that becomes the tree or the crystal that forms from within the earth.

The second state is described as DOR or Deadly Orgone Radiation. DOR refers to stagnant or blocked energy flow that is also entropic. If one was to theorize an absolute entropic universe- you would observe that everything eventually breaks down and continuously moves from a states of order to further states of disorder. Through this process, energy is liberated. The burning of fossil fuels and the splitting of atoms  are both quintessential example of Entropy. All the major technologies that are released to the public operate in an entropic fashion. On earth, DOR or energy stagnation manifests itself as a Desert. In our bodies this energy stagnation manifests into cancer. Reichs studies in energy were fueled by his passion and focus to help bring the health of the human body into more balance. Dr. Reichs research into cancer as an energy disease can be described in his book The Cancer Biopathy.

At the time, Reich's discoveries into Orgone and all-pervasive energy threatened the future of both the Medical and Entropic-Energy industries. The establishment did not buy into Dr. Reichs discoveries and painted him in the image of a Quack Doctor. At the time Reich was distributing devices known as Orgone Accumulators that were used in supportive therapies for cancer patients. A court injunction was issued against Reich, ordering that he immediate stop the distribution and production of these instruments.  In 1954 the FDA seized a large amount of Reichs equipment and writings. Between one of his followers being caught moving an Orgone Accumulator across state lines and his failure to appear in court- Reich was sentenced to prison where he died in 1957. A campaign continued into the next two decades to destroy all of Reichs remaining work, tarnish his reputation and essentially erase his name from the history books.



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